How to Sell Monacoin/Monaparty NFTs on OpenSea

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2 min readNov 25, 2022


How to Sell a Monaparty NFT on OpenSea

Selling a vaulted NFT on OpenSea is quite simple and only requires a few steps. Remember to always verify your assets and list appropriately!

1) Check to ensure your wallet address displays after “Owner”.

2) Verify your Mona NFT is inside your vault.

1) Verify the Name of the assets DOES NOT display “Empty Vault” or “Contents Loading”.

2) Click “Sell” NFT.

1) OpenSea will display the floor price for All XMP assets. This will help you understand current market value for your NFT.

2) Set a “Price” you wish to sell your asset.

3) Pick a “Duration” you wish for your asset to be sold for at your set price.

4) Check for Service Fees and Creator Royalties.

5) Click “Complete Listing”.

1) Sign for your transaction, wait for processing, and congrats your Monaparty NFT has been listed on OpenSea!

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