How to Purchase Bitcoin/Counterparty NFTs on OpenSea

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4 min readDec 6, 2022

How to Purchase Counterparty NFTs on OpenSea

Emblem Vault is available on multiple Ethereum NFT Marketplaces, with most volume traded taking place on OpenSea. Therefore we will use OpenSea as the example.

1) Type in “Emblem Vault” in the OpenSea search bar.

2) Ensure you’re clicking on the correct Ethereum Emblem Vault. There is also an official Polygon Emblem Vault. The others listed are not affiliated with Emblem Vault and should be avoided at all costs.

Security is our top priority and to ensure we are following the safest practices there are additional steps required to ensure you are interacting with the official Emblem Vault collection.

1) Check the Smart Contract on Etherscan.
Official Contract Address:

2) Click on the collection label to ensure it’s displays a “Badged Collection” with a blue checkmark and a “Mintable Collection” with a yellow exclamation point.

3) Check to see how much ETH Total Volume has been traded. The minimum will display over 36,000+ ETH

4) Check to see how many Owners there are. The minimum should display over 6,000+ owners.

Now you’re ready to search for Counterparty Assets.

1) Type in “all xcp” into the search bar. This will give you a result for all Counterparty NFTs that have been vaulted.

2) Click on “ALL XCP”.

1) Click on the Counterparty asset you are interested in purchasing.

NOTE: There are dozens of Counterparty collections, with Rare Pepes, being the largest. Here is a list of XCP Collections that you individually search for to narrow down your results.
-Spells of Genesis
-Rare Pepe
-Sarutobi Isalnd
-Bitcorn Crops
-Oasis Mining
-MTM Series
-Force of Will
-Age of Chains
-Age of Rust
-Fake Rares
-Fake Commons

It is very important that as a potential buyer that you VERIFY the asset inside the vault is the specific NFT you are looking for. Emblem Vault is a permissionless product that allows users the ability to label assets at their discretion, as well as freely send any asset into their vault regardless of what has been labeled. Here are three verification methods to ensure you are purchasing what is described at on the OpenSea storefront.

1) Click on “View this NFT on Emblem.Finance” to view the contents inside the vault.

2) Click on the “XCP Explorer” to view the asset’s status on the XCP Explorer.

3) Check to see if the token displays “Unclaimed” under “Status” in the Properties Tab.

1) If the same Counterparty NFT(s) are displayed under “Balances” then the vault does in fact hold an asset.

2) Ensure that the Name of the NFT properly matches up to the asset’s name in the description, on the block explorer, and is the correct token you are looking to acquire.

Tip: Bad Actors have the ability to mimic an assets likeness by minting a brand new asset and uploading the same NFT image but changing the name by a letter or two. (Example: RAREPEPE vs. RAREPEPEE)

Always double check and verify!

1) When accessing the XCP Explorer a dataset will display the asset’s name and quantity.

2) Click on the name to view specific details of the token including Issuance, Supply, and more.

Once the vault contents has been verified you are ready to purchase your Counterparty NFT!

1) Click on “Add to cart” and then checkout in the top right corner to follow OpenSea’s purchasing process via your MetaMask transaction.

If you’d like to learn more about Emblem Vault checkout the links below:







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