How to Unlock your Monacoin/Monaparty NFTs in an Emblem Vault

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4 min readNov 22, 2022

What is MonaCoin?

Monacoin is a considered the first Japanese Cryptocurrency that was conceived in December 2013 and is based off of the Japanese ascii character “Mona”. It is a Proof-of-Work Blockchain that operates off of the Lyra2RE(v2) algorithm with a 1.5 Minute Block Time and a reward of 12.5 MONA. $MONA is the native currency and it is known as a community operated blockchain.

In 2017 Monaparty was launched on top of Monacoin. It is modeled from the 2014 Bitcoin token asset platform Counterparty and is similar to 2014 Dogecoin token asset platform Dogeparty. This platform allows the Monaparty community to issue unique tokens inclusive of Art, Music, Trading Cards, Community Tokens, Unlock Tokens, and much more.

Monaparty’s most popular collection is known as MonaCard, which launched on January 8th, 2018 and consists of over 6,000 unique tokens. Currently there are over 50 artists that actively contribute to the project and the community consists of an active collector base.

What you need to buy a MonaCard?

You will also need $MONA or Monaparty’s native token $XMP which can be acquired on a centralized exchanges Bittrex, CoinEx, Bitbank, and Huobi Japan.

To purchase MonaCards or you’ll need these tools:
MPurse (Web3 Wallet | Similar to MetaMask)
MonaPallete (Marketplace | Similar to OpenSea)
Mona Card (Directory | Visually displays every token)
Google Translate Web Extension (To translate from Japanese)

Now that you have all the tools, follow one of these step-by-step instructions to purchase your first card.
Introduction to MonaCard
Mona Card Twitter Thread by Jake Gallen

Cracking the Vault

Now it’s time to crack the vault. There are a handful of reasons one may want to bring their Monacoin assets back to their native chain. Reasonings may include transactional, collateral, or security purposes. The process is quite simple, just follow these quick steps!

1) First check to ensure your Monacoin asset(s) are in the vault.

2) Click on “Claim (Crack Open Vault)” to receive your private keys.

Once that vault has been cracked there will be a few steps between you and your asset’s Mnemoic Phrase and Private Keys.

1) Before signing the transaction check to ensure that the proper gas fees are selected relative to Ethereum network traffic. (this example is 20 gwei)

2) Click on “Continue” to sign the transaction.

3) Once the vault has been successfully cracked you will see the vault owner has been changed to 0x0000.. which might look familiar because it is the same address that was displayed prior to minting your vault!

4) Check to see a displayed green “CLAIMED” at the bottom of the vault. This verifies that the vault has been cracked and you are the owner of the keys.

5) Click on “Get Keys” to view the Vault’s Private Keys and Mnemonic Phrase.

6) This is your Mnemonic Phrase that can be imported into any Monacoin wallet. (Electrum, Monacoin Core, MPurse)

7) This is your Private Key that can be imported into any Monacoin wallet. (Electrum, Monacoin Core, MPurse)

Once the vault is cracked it will no longer display on your OpenSea account. In order to access the keys you will need open the dapp Emblem.Finace.

1) Click on “Claimed” to display all cracked vaults.

2) Click on the vault that you wish to attain the private keys for.

If you’d like to import you private keys into your MPurse (or any other Mona Wallet) then you’ll need “Import Account” in the wallet of your choice.

1) Once import account has been selected you’ll have an option to set a name for the new wallet.

2) Paste in your Private Keys which you copied from the cracked vault.

3) Then click “Import” and once the transaction has processed you’ll see all of the assets that were inside of your vault displayed in your fresh MPurse Wallet.

4) This vault contained 9 $MONA and 1 MONASEGWIT which has now been successfully imported into your new MPurse Wallet.

Now your assets have been brought back to its native chain, giving you more accessibility and control of your NFTs. From here you can send these assets to a different location or keep them stored in their native wallet.

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