How do I access the contents of an Emblem Vault?

When you own an Emblem Vault (your address contains the NFT that represents the vault), you are able to “claim” the assets inside of it.

Claiming the assets exposes the private keys for any/all of the assets contained inside. The address that claimed the vault is the only asset that can access those keys, once claimed. The assets cannot be spent from this web site; rather, the keys will let you import the assets into any popular wallet, where you can then spend them.

Feel free to import that into a wallet :) It’s empty!

Now that you have those keys, pick any wallet you like. Since at launch, we are covering both BTC and ETH, let’s look at an example of each.

Metamask, for example, offers an “Import Account” option. This screen asks for a private key, which you can see there on the above screenshot.

As soon as you enter that private key and click import, your ETH-based assets from the vault will now be available to you in that Metamask account, where you can spend them just as you would ANY other ETH-based asset from Metamask.

Now let’s check out BitPay. In this fresh installation, there is an Import Wallet option.

You can click that and then it asks for a recovery phrase.

In this example, I copied the phrase from the claimed example wallet and then pasted it into BitPay.

And then, like magic, there are your assets to spend any way you like!




An entire wallet inside a token

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An entire wallet inside a token

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