Emblem Vault Update: Jan 2021

We have been steadily making enhancements to Emblem.finance since our launch. We will discuss a few of these new features below.

The Emblem Vault backend has been completely rewritten for speed and reliability. Our Backend API can be found here

Store Encrypted Data inside Vaults

— Vault containing “Stored Value” such as a StarBucks gift card.
— Vault containing “Software keys” such as windows key
— Vault containing “Coupon Code” used to order physical goods.

At creation time, a key and value can be added to a vault
The encrypted data is only available upon claiming of a vault

Vault Search

New search feature allows discovery of other vaults.

Search allows for searching on a few different aspects of a vault.

— Token ID
— Name
— Description
— Addresses contained within
— Image location

Using search we have some fun potential searches. How about a vault that contains a specific BTC address , All vaults containing specific name.

Vaults now support Embeds

Supported Audio Embeds: Audius, Bandcamp, Clyp, Soundcloud
Supported 3D Embeds: Sketchup, Sketchfab, Clara.io, My Mini Factory
Supported Interactive Embeds: Shadertoy

Interactive 3D NFT
Interactive ART NFT

The Future: On Chain Balance Checking

The Future: NFT / NFT Trades


An entire wallet inside a token