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7 min readMay 2, 2024

Emblem Vault is proud to announce the launch of Emblem Markets, a chain-agnostic marketplace powered by Emblem Vault. Since its deployment on the Ethereum mainnet in September 2020, Emblem Vault has facilitated over $200 million in trading volume across 70,000 minted vaults, distributed among 17,000 unique owners and growing. Emblem Vault’s crosschain solution houses over $100 million in Total Value Vaulted (TVV), serving as the premier interoperability tool for UTXO-based assets like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin, Bellscoin, and more, enabling cross-blockchain movement.

Initially created in 2016 by Shannon Code, Emblem Vault was envisioned as a means to trade a crypto wallet, thereby extending asset transferability beyond the bounds of virtual machine integrations. Today, Emblem Vault has introduced a third mechanism — Vaulting — that, alongside Bridging and Wrapping, is poised to lead the industry into a multichain future.

What is Emblem Vault?

Crosschain, multichain, and omnichain are key terms that describe the realm of crypto interoperability. These concepts center on enabling blockchains and their related assets to “exist” on other chains.

  1. Bridging (2018): The process of transferring digital assets or data between blockchain networks, enabling interoperability. This typically involves locking assets on one chain while unlocking equivalent assets on another, facilitating seamless cross-chain transactions. Lock & Mint
  2. Wrapping (2019): The process of tokenizing an asset from one blockchain on another, creating a “wrapped asset.” This wrapped asset represents the original asset but functions within the ecosystem of a different blockchain, enhancing interoperability and cross-chain functionality. Custody & Mint
  3. Vaulting (2020): The process of securely encapsulating a digital asset within a vault, which can then be transferred or traded as a single entity, allowing enhanced cross-chain interoperability and simplifying the management and exchange of assets across different blockchain networks. Encrypt & Mint

Emblem Vault’s innovative approach to tokenizing a crypto wallet enables interaction with both UTXO-based blockchains (Bitcoin, Dogecoin, etc.) and smart contract-based blockchains (Ethereum, Solana, etc.), providing a unique interoperability protocol. This crosschain infrastructure allows Emblem to interact with NFTs seamlessly across blockchains, enabling cross-chain movements with just a few clicks.

Why Emblem Markets?

Emblem Markets’ approach to crosschain infrastructure is “chain-agnostic,” meaning technical decisions are abstracted away from the end user, while also allowing advanced users to customize the vaulting process. These key components differentiate a “native experience” from an “agnostic experience”:

  • Listing in a Cryptocurrency
  • Purchasing in a Cryptocurrency
  • Delivering Digital Assets on a Blockchain

Example 1: User A purchases NodeMonke #6969 for 0.5 BTC using their Xverse Wallet. User B receives 0.5 BTC upon transaction completion. User A receives NodeMonke once the mempool has finalized the transaction.

Example 2: User A purchases Modemonke for 10 ETH using their Metamask. User B receives their 0.5 BTC upon purchase, as chosen for payment currency. User A receives Modemonke on Solana, leveraging Emblem Vault crosschain technology.

Example 1 is a native experience, while Example 2 is a chain-agnostic experience. The former leverages blockchain native tooling, while the latter leverages Emblem Vault crosschain tooling. This vision is what Emblem Markets is building towards.

Components of Emblem Markets

The crosschain digital asset management platform will house all Emblem Collections, Applications, Rewards, and My Vault.

  • Collections: Ethereum ERC721 and ERC1155 collections.
  • Applications: Protocols, products, and platforms leveraging the Emblem SDK for crosschain projects, including Emblem and user-generated decentralized applications.
  • Rewards: 𝐷𝑒𝑡𝑎𝑖𝑙𝑠 [𝑅𝑒𝑑𝑎𝑐𝑡𝑒𝑑]
  • My Vault: A hub for vault management and activity across all Emblem Vaults, with social media integrations and personalized features and upgrades.


The Emblem Markets homepage will highlight all the latest and trending information across the Emblem Vault ecosystem:

  • Recently Vaulted: This section showcases the newest assets that have entered the Emblem Vault ecosystem.
  • Trending: Highlighting the collections with the highest 24-hour trading volume, this feature keeps users informed on what’s hot in the market.
  • Recent Sales: This displays the most recent vault sales across all blockchains and marketplaces offering Emblem collections.
  • Recent Listings: Here, users can find the latest vault listings across all blockchains and marketplaces offering Emblem collections.
  • Recent Collections: This section features the newest Emblem collections deployed to Emblem Markets and other marketplaces offering Emblem collections.


Discover all of the top Emblem collections alongside their time-weighted metrics.

  • Collection: The name of the collection.
  • Floor Price: The lowest valued listing price.
  • Volume: The amount of liquidity flowing in a collection over a weighted time period.
  • Volume Change: The percentage change in volume over a weighted time period.
  • Vault Volume: The number of vaults minted over a weighted time period.
  • Vault Change: The percentage change in vault volume over a weighted time period.
  • Total Vaults: The total number of unique vaults in a collection.
  • Sales: The number of unique sales over a weighted time period.
  • Owners: The total number of unique owners in a collection.

Emblem Markets provides a comprehensive overview of key statistics, helping users identify and track the performance of various Emblem collections, while supporting cross-chain interactions and enhancing the multichain ecosystem.

Collections Page

Dive into each collection and discover what it has to offer. Users can view statistics, purchase a vault, or sell one of their own.

  • Sidebar: Sort and categorize the collection by your preferred traits.
  • Items: Display all unique vaults in a collection.
  • Details: View collection statistics, technical information, and hyperlinks.
  • Activity: Monitor all event types for the collection across Emblem Markets and marketplaces listing Emblem collections, including sales, listings, offers, transfers, and mints.

Emblem Markets provides an intuitive platform for users to engage with the vibrant Emblem Vault ecosystem, facilitating seamless cross-chain interactions and enhancing the multichain experience.

Asset Page

Dive into the analytics and details of your favorite assets while aggregating information about vaults across all marketplaces and platforms.

  • Eye (Icon Under Image): View the contents inside of the vault.
  • Refresh: Top right of the screen. Refresh the metadata associated with the vault.
  • Description: Provides information about the collection.
  • Details: Displays token and technical information about the vault.
  • Listings: Shows all vaults for sale across all marketplaces.
  • Offers: Displays bids submitted for a specific vault across all marketplaces.

Emblem Markets empowers users with detailed insights and seamless interactions, enhancing the cross-chain experience and enabling a deeper understanding of their favorite vault assets.


Emblem Vault is excited to introduce Emblem applications, a chain-agnostic app store where users can access crosschain products created by the Emblem team, independent developers, or third-party applications. All items featured in the Emblem app store have been vetted by Emblem Vault. Developers can leverage the Emblem Software Development Kit (SDK) to build their own multichain protocols.

  • Apps by Emblem: These are products created and deployed by the Emblem team, and they are owned, operated, and maintained by Emblem Vault.
  • Emblem SDK: This open-source set of APIs, endpoints, and tooling is provided by Emblem Vault for third-party developers. To use the SDK, developers should contact Emblem Vault to receive an API key.
  • Apps with Emblem: These are community projects that utilize Emblem Vault’s infrastructure, including explorers, directories, DEXs, marketplaces, DeFi, NFTFi, and other crypto-related products.

Emblem Markets offers a robust platform for exploring and developing crosschain solutions, enhancing interoperability across the crypto ecosystem.

My Vaults

Emblem Vault is pleased to introduce My Vaults, a chain-agnostic profile page that offers a variety of features and integrations. With this platform, users can manage their vault listings across multiple marketplaces, view their multichain activity, and interact with native Emblem Market tooling.

  • Items: View all of your vaulted assets across all blockchains.
  • Activity: Monitor on-chain vault activity across all marketplaces.

Emblem Markets’ profile page provides a seamless and user-friendly interface for managing assets and activities within the Emblem Vault ecosystem, enhancing the cross-chain experience and facilitating easy interaction with multichain assets.

Coming Soon…

Emblem Vault is proud to announce the launch of Emblem Markets, a chain-agnostic marketplace that offers a robust platform for managing and exploring crosschain assets. Emblem Markets will continue to evolve as Emblem Vault becomes more widely adopted.

Our crosschain solutions, combined with our widely distributed user base, position Emblem as a leading product in the interoperability sector. Stay tuned for an even more expansive experience as we continue to innovate and enhance the platform.



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