Circuits of Value : 2021 Updates

  • Q1: Quickswap (Matic/Polygon Uniswap clone) LP Event
  • Q1: integration into Emblem Vault (Sending of vaults directly using social media logins)
  • Q2: Binance Smart Chain (Emblem Vault can quickly and easily support any EVM chain)
  • Q2: Emblem Vault Staking (Stake a vault receive rewards based on value inside)
  • Q2: Emblem Fuel Defi token (See here for ongoing work)
  • Q3: Secret Contract finalization
  • Q3: NFT 2 NFT Swap
  • Opensea Layer 2: We have finalized the process of becoming verified with opensea on Matic/Polygon, trading is expected to be live within a few weeks.
  • We will work closely with this team to enable an exciting feature not seen yet in NFT’s: The inclusion of “Embed” assets, this allows users to create 3d NFT’s, interactive NFT’s, music NFT’s
  • Various youtube producers will soon, or are in the process of featuring stories about $Coval and Emblem Vault. See latest video here
  • AMA’s Our goal is to participate in at least 1 AMA a month, these AMA’s will happen within Telegram trading groups, Discord groups and clubhouse
  • We will be releasing a community suggestion box (specifics TBD) where community members can vote, or suggest new features / chains to support.
  • ACOP (Asian Community Outreach Program) : With support from our Asian community leaders we are developing a more focused approach which includes outreach as well as translations.
  • Governance is a hot topic right now, we are exploring potential governance features to put the power in the hands of you, the users
  • Emblem Vault was designed as a way to collect funds into a wallet that can be transferred and utilized based on specific rules.
  • We will begin a few collection campaign’s to help with marketing, promotions, and exchange listings. Ask an admin for more details.



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An entire wallet inside a token