Ongoing: We are working on most of our roadmap items in parallel and delivery of these milestones can happen out of order as opportunities are discovered. Our current effort is focusing heavily on fully decentralizing our infrastructure. Hosting our front end on IPFS, attaching an Unstoppable domain. Currently vault contents…

What is Matic & Layer 2 ?

Matic is an EVM compatible blockchain network that operates along side Ethereum. Transactions on Matic are faster than Ethereum proper as well as less expensive. Matic is considered a “Layer-2 Network”

How does this apply to Emblem Vault ?

The ERC20 token $Coval is used to purchase Emblem Vaults. Until recently this happened exclusively on the Ethereum mainnet…

Why do I care about Emblem Vault?

This is the TL;DR; for those wonder why we think this is a big deal.

Why does Emblem Vault matter? What is the big deal?

The entire cryptocurrency space has taken the concept of “money” (aka the ways we have agreed to exchange…

Technically speaking, an Emblem Vault is an NFT. We describe it as if that NFT “contains” a whole wallet full of assets, like a piggy bank, and then that entire piggy bank can get passed around as a single asset.

If we get deeper into the mechanics, it is really…


Emblem is a dual token economy meant to drive value for all participants. $FUEL is a transactional token meant only to be used within the Emblem platform. $COVAL is a utility token to be used within and outside of the Emblem platform.

It all starts with…


An entire wallet inside a token

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